Marketing Success

Our major Marketing Management (MM) presentation is finally over! The good news is that our group got the best reviews for coming up with a marketing strategy for Starbucks Coffee. (Our section was assigned coffee companies which we will develop a marketing strategy and marketing plan for.) More than anything, I feel relieved more than I am proud.

Our group still has not shed its "last minute, last ditch effort" mentality completely, and we were stressing over the presentation up to the moments leading to the Big Dance. I was part of the tandem that was in charge with developing the advertising and promotional plans and I was really tired by the time we presented because I was designing advertisement studies or prototypes and writing ad copy until 4 o'clock in the morning. It's a good thing though our concepts and ideas were set a couple of weeks back so it was just a matter of getting the message to the right ad.

Reflecting on how things went, our group is really good in generating ideas and cultivating those ideas in time. On the other hand, we were weak in time management, although we were able to get quality output from the meager time we had for the actual presentation preparation. Friction between members is generated occasionally, but we do all have level heads.

From a personal standpoint, this "success" is a far cry from the struggles I've been having in Financial Management 2 (FM2) and I realize the contrast: I don't mind working on Marketing stuff until 4-5am but doing doing a financial analysis at the early evening is writing wearing an iron glove. I'm more certain that my strengths and interests lie in the more creative fields.


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