One Week Without Classes

It's our one week break from classes and this is our last scheduled break for the first eight months of the MBA program. The timing couldn't have been more perfect.

Personally, the stress of the increased workload for the past month was taking its toll on me-- again. I've been under the weather lately, with rains pouring every once in a while and the temperature has been dropping lately, my body has been flirting with the flu. It has been evidenced by my stuffy nose and very, very hoarse voice. People have been advising me to rest a couple of days leading to the break, and I think it's justified, although I'm not too inclined to get the tag "sickly" from some.

Like any other "breaks" we have had in the past, school work still figures a whole lot. There's the walkabout projects, Action Consultancy stuff and the required work that will occupy in most people's minds during the one week. (Unfortunately, I'm one of them).

But when you think about it, this IS the break that leads to the home stretch of the first set of coursework. We get back to school this March and from there it's a long slide into deadlines, requirements and papers. So, it's really better to enjoy this break and re-energize for the coming crazy weeks.


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