Setting the Bar High

Excellence is something MBA students often aspire for. But the problem with high performance is the setting the bar high too often that you can't keep up.

I'm kinda experiencing this little problem in our classes lately. As I've mentioned before, class work and group deliverables have increased for this week. The good news is that our group has responded well and we have risen up to the challenges from our requirements in Human Behavior in Organization (HBO), Financial Management 2 (FM2) and Development of the Enterprise (DE). For some, there's the Walkabout to worry about.

However, there's pressure to meet the high quality of work we have been churning out and the result is exhaustion and, of course, fewer sleeping hours. There's also the desire to outdo yourself and perhaps other groups in the requirements.

I just hope that we'll get it easier as the week winds up-- it will be my birthday then. :)


Anonymous said…

thanks for your insight,i have been shortlisted for GDPI on 26/02/08.
brief intro dentist GMAT-640,TOFEL-104
i am currently in govt job, could you pls give me your mail id.

AIM is blessed to have a student like you

You can email me at: regnard (at) :)

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