Walkabout Season

I've mentioned in a previous post that I'll be spending time writing about the Walkabout, one of our major projects for our Human Behavior in Organizations (HBO).

If you look search for "Walkabout" on the web, particularly Wikipedia, you'll see this definition:
Walkabout is an Australian pidgin (or perhaps quasi-pidgin) term referring to the belief that Australian Aborigines "go walkabout" at the age of thirteen in the wilderness for six months as a rite of passage.
Our Walkabout project was inspired by this rite of passage and all of the MBA students in our class are required to through with it. But as opposed to going to the wilderness literally, our Walkabout is about going out of AIM and do something that will help us grow. That's why we make our own projects based on areas we feel we need to improve. We set the targets and we set the timelines (there's a major deadline for this though) and we set to achieve something more than a grade. Each Walkabout project can be done by an individual or by a group.

The project is due around the end of March that's why people have started doing their Walkabouts or doing the necessary steps to lay things out. Here are some projects in our class, to give you an idea:
  • Cultural survival trip to Vietnam
  • Organizing a big speed dating party
  • Jungle survival in Subic Bay
  • Production of a Repertory Philippines stage play
  • Learning to play the guitar and performing live on stage
  • Self-mastery (Yeah, I know what you're thinking)
  • Setting up a student's life insurance program
  • Teaching Bollywood-style dancing to non-Indians
As you can see, the projects are very interesting. I'll post updates on more projects as projects take shape.


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