After the big events last week, such as the International Students' Night, the AIM Grand Alumni Homecoming and my walkabout, I feel this week has been a slide despite the work we have to do.

But one thing that has kept things interesting for us MBA students is the coming Baguio trip in the last week of March. Classes that week will be held at the AIM Conference Center - Baguio (ACCB) and students, by default, will stay during a period of three days and two nights.

The reason why I say the trip is interesting because there has been some little tension created by everyone's search for accommodations-- people are looking for the best places to stay outside of the ACCB; and for the people staying in ACCB, looking for the people to share rooms with since there's a three person limit per room.

I don't know if this phenomenon is exclusive to Asians, but most of the students feel uncomfortable asking people of they could join a group in a room or place and some students would feel bad if they're not being invited, even if they already have places to stay in. Yeah, it's something some people wouldn't understand, but I guess the bottom line is everybody wants to belong and fit in.


Anonymous said…

How are accommodations at the AIM Dormitory? Is it really mandatory to stay there for 3 months? Any way out? Hehe! Do you have individualized rooms or your own bathroom? How is hygene and cleanliness? Does someone clean your room daily or do you clean it yourself? Can you select your room mates if ever?

I am also very concerned about some nationalities having the tendency to emit unpleasant odors... No disrespect intended. I just can't stand it when they come into a room all sweaty and all because of the Manila heat or strenuous exercise and the whole room gets covered in their odor.I think that is just RUDE. How do you deal with these people who I believe are abundant in AIM (Correct me if i'm wrong). Do you confront them to use deodorant or will that simply not work? We too have the right to breath clean air after all…

Thank you.

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