Michelle Boquiren talks to the MBA Class

For our Human Behavior in Organizations (HBO) class yesterday, Prof. Jun Borromeo invited Michelle Boquiren, AIM alumna and manager at the Investec Group, a special banking firm. She finished her MBA degree in 2000 and she had worked with Merrill Lynch and Overture Financial Services. I was lucky to bring my camera along, so I got a few shots:

Michelle gave an overview of her company shared how the company's culture can do a lot for job satisfaction and productivity. She related how the open culture in Investec is quite different from big companies (Merrill Lynch) and start-ups (Overture). Furthermore, Michelle related how life is at New York and how AIM helped her become the leader who runs Investec's business in the Americas.

The talk was very interesting and a good preview of the life some of our class will lead in the future. (Provided, of course, we pass our subjects :P)


Anonymous said…
And I thought Richard Garland was 'leader' of Investec's US business?

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