Missing the Baguio Trip

One of the traditions that an MBA class in AIM follows is the Baguio Trip and a stay at the AIM Conference Center Baguio (formerly known as the Igorot Lodge). This activity is really a mix of classes and R&R since Baguio is considered the "Summer Capital of the Philippines" for its cool climate and nice mountain views. Our class had its trip scheduled from March 25-March 27, 2008 (Tuesday to Thursday).

No thanks to a bout with flu, I wasn't able to go to Baguio. I guess I'll be know as the "Sickly guy in class" after being the "Blogger dude" and a member of the "Punjabi Pinoys." I really wanted to go-- I had my bags packed, I already had arrangements which room to stay, and when I started feeling sick during the weekend, I really loaded up on medication and even went to see the school doctor. I actually was planning on going even though I wasn't feeling all well, but the doctor said it was best for me to stay here in Manila and rest.

The class bus was supposed to leave at 5:30 in the morning (the trip from Manila to Baguio is around eight hours via bus), and until that midnight, I was still pining to go, but my body wouln't let me. I was running a fever then and I knew that I had to be the ONLY guy to miss the trip.

Sheesh. I'll probably be known in the class as the "Blogger dude" or the "Sickly guy," but one label I regretfully got is the "Person who missed the Baguio Trip."


Anonymous said…
Keep it up. Keep us informed about the AIM and its activities thru your blog.
Iam an ex- AIM MBA ( 2005) graduate working in India . Iam surprised to see that you could not make it to the baguio trip starting on 25 th march. It was unfortunate that you could not make it. During our times in 2004 ( 14-16 september ) we thoroughly enjoyed the trip.
well !!!one of the most often complaint I hear is that students do not get enough time to study the course subjects whereas I had enough time to do many things outside MBA course esp. enjoying the late night life in Manila.
Please do tell me whether (how many?) any student is thrown off from middle of the course..???
I wish to share my AIM and philippines experiences with you or better you can read my blog named sudiptobasak32.blogspot.com
I hope to get response from you..
Hi Sudipto,

Thanks for the comment. :D Things are different now-- our time frame of 16 months for the MBA program is quite different from what you had. I think the program is more "dense," so to speak.

I've also added your blog to the blogroll. :)
Anonymous said…
Hi Regnard,

I have got an admit for the 15 month MBA program for the September batch.

I have some queries and would be very grateful if you could answer them for me.

What does the accreditation falling through mean for us future students? Will it affect placements?

Further, is it better to stay in the campus hostels throughout the course or advisable to move out after the mandatory 3 months period.

Kindly advise me on the same.


Kumaran V Mahendran
beach_lover83221 said…
"sickly guy, who missed the baguio trip then just stayed home to do his blog" would be more appropriate.. hahaha.
@Beach Lover:

You're mean. :P

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