Punjabi Pinoys

The International Students' Night was celebrated in AIM last March 6, 2007. The event was huge as distinguished guests and the AIM Board of Governors and Board of Trustees were in attendance. It was also a venue for a lot of student walkabout projects, such as the Cultural Fashion Show (from Arpita Maity and Renu Kerketta), Guitar Duo performance (from Ravi Shekhar and Preetam Chandra), the Filipiniana Cultural show (from Rosie Avila), to mention a few.

My personal highlight of the day was the walkabout project by my classmate Kanishka Bhargava. He choreographed and produced the Indian Bollywood-style dance numbers on the show. The first one was the "Mauja" and the second one was the "Punjabi Pinoys". If you ask me, the Punjabi Pinoys was the number that brought the house down; here' the video:

I have to admit my bias here: I'm the guy wearing the gold vest on the left side of the stage. :P The other members of the Punjabi Pinoys are Bok Lamayan, Gino Romero, Neil Risos, and Paolo Tomas. Our very lovely partners for that number were Sugandh Bhatnagar, Divya Jagadesh, Shweta Srivastava and Nikita George from India and Me Ling from Indonesia. A very tight and "talented" group if you ask me. :D

It has been a very eventful week for AIM and I'll be posting more videos not only from the International Students' Night but also from Asian High at Boni High, AIM's 40th Grand Alumni Homecoming.


Ravi Shekhar said…
You were too good Regnard. I liked ur performance very much. to good
Anonymous said…
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