The Walkabout Cooperative

I've been devoting a good portion of my time for the past few weeks preparing for my walkabout. (For those who do not follow this blog, the walkabout is one of our major projects in our Human Behavior in Organizations class). In fact, I've been very busy promoting my project, Corporate Communications 2.0: Corporate Blogging, via internet marketing. The experience of promoting has been far from bump-free, but that's the way things go.

It is this promotion of walkabout projects that prompted me and my classmate Prashant Batra to have a tie-up in promoting each other's projects and even opening the cross-promotion arrangement to the whole class. I sent out an email to the MBA class, inviting everyone interested on the initiative that is built on the "I scratch you back, you scratch mine" honor system. The initiative was named The Walkabout Cooperative and its mission is to help all the members' walkabouts become a success.

There are people who responded and here's the list of the member projects of The Walkabout Cooperative:
  • Corporate Communications 2.0: Corporate Blogging (my project)
  • Romance in D (Prashant Batra, Sugandh Bhatnagar, Pankaj Dhawan, Madhu Ponnuveetil, Sandeep Sharma)
  • The AIM Marathon (Ashoo Advani, Nikita George, Nikhil Ray)
  • Punjabi Pinoy during the International Week (Kanishka Bhargava)
  • Habitat for Humanity (Connie Banaag, Wendy Lim, Pia Sanedrin)
I'll be devoting some space in this blog for these projects as my contribution to the Walkabout Cooperative's success.


ycerp said…
great walkabout...

P said…
do you think we can come up with a "community blog" for some AIM students... we can host it and let some people be team members...

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