When Evening Falls So Hard

When you're down and out,
When you're on the street,
When evening falls so hard
I will comfort you.
The verses above come from "Bridge Over Troubled Water," a song by Simon & Garfunkel. I realized the song has much relevance to our MBA batch as the final grades for the first five quantitative ("quant") subjects our class has taken.

Sadly to say, there were classmates of mine who had trouble meeting the eligibility requirements. In the MBA program, there is 15 units worth of classes considered as quantitative, and an MBA student is required to pass 75% of quantitative subjects (Language of Business, Quantitative Analysis, Financial Management 1, Economics & Management of Cost and Profit). That means if you do not pass 3.75 units worth of subjects, you will no longer be eligible for the MBA program; the subjects we got earlier have a total of 12 units.

It's hard to believe that this is the last day for some of us here. The atmosphere in class became more tense as the day passed, with reaching a high at 3:00pm, when the letters were released. What followed were moments of jubilation for the potential Dean's Listers, sighs of relief for most of us, and dejected emotions for a few. As night set in, the tension turned into a collective & somber calm, perhaps as a show of respect and an expression of sadness.

Evening fell hard today, and all I could do is sag my shoulders, ruminate and blog.


Precy said…
ey! we're discussing blogs in RAL's class... and he mentioned your blog and asked me to about it...yihee!!!
Yuva said…
People are just sent off for failing in a few subjects :((.what happens to them ....dont they get another chance .

Did i understand it correctly first ?
Hi Yuva,

Yes, there's a certain number of subjects you must pass in order to remain eligible for the MBA program.
Sudipto basak said…
Dear regnard,
will you tell the names of the students who are being sent off or in the danger zone list for not passing the specified number of subjects
Hi Sudipto,

I don't believe I'm in aposition to divulge any names at this point. In time, perhaps. Keep posted.
Anonymous said…

How many in your class did not make it? How many are you in total in your class?

What makes the quantitative subjects difficult? Are they more of memorizing formulas or analysis?


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