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In light of recent events pertaining to the EQUIS accreditation, I have asked Prof. Ricky Lim to hold an open Question and Answer session for The AIM Blogger. I'm thankful Prof. Lim accepted my invitation-- Given that he is the Associate Dean of AIM's W. SyCip Graduate School of Business, I think he is in a very good position to address the comments and concerns that have been raised lately.

Here are the ground rules for the Q & A:
  1. Questions must be posted as a comment on THIS blog post only;
  2. People may leave questions anonymously;
  3. Please be clear with what question/s you want to be answered;
  4. Please avoid foul or offensive language;
With that, I'm starting the thread with a few questions from the comments from the previous post:
As a recent admit, this is a very serious issue for me .What should i take from this news ? Could change my decision to join .
What else? the school is screwed! from the president, associate dean, all the way to the professors!.. They are politician minded not educators, they tell you what you want to hear then kill you along the way by not delivering what they say in actions. Isn't that what is happening in school now? they tell you that you are fine, the next day you are out?
The floor is now open to your questions.


Anonymous said…
does the management still plan to reaquire the equis accreditation? What's the real status of the aacsb accreditation? im just wondering 'coz when i checked the school's website, the two logos (equis and aacsb) were already gone.
Anonymous said…
Why did AIM lose the accreditation in the first place?

Is the quality of education going down? Lack of good teachers and quality research?

What is AIM doing about this?

Thank you
Anonymous said…
How does the loss of accreditations affect the credibility of the college with the companies recruiting AIM students ..?

Does the college plan to renew the accreditations or not .. ?
Anonymous said…
I would like to know what steps, if any, have been taken towards the issue. Will it affect the exchange programs with european/american schools in place?
- An AIM MBA 209 Admit.
Anonymous said…
Will the loss of accreditation affect the exchange program of AIM MBA? Will exchanges to Wharton & Columbia still be offered?

For Regnard: Could you shed some info about the AIM MBA exchange program. Were any of your batchmates able to qualify for this? Are there any other requirements aside from those stated on the AIM website (i.e. Top 40 in class etc.)? Thanks!
Anonymous said…
How will the loss of accreditation affect placements, student exchange and the brand name of the institute in the industry?
Anonymous said…
Dear Prof. Ricky Lim,

I am an admit into the 2008-09 MBA batch from India. I firstly wanted to confirm that along with the EQUIS accreditation whether AIM has also lost the AACSB Accd? Also I read somewhere that AIM had chosen to allow the AACSB accred. to expire and not re-apply for the same...... is that true? If yes, then can you please clarify, why?

I also wanted to know whether AIM plans to reapply for these accreditations in the future? Finally, will loss of these acc. affect the image of the institute in the international educational community and also if it will affect the student exchange programme of AIM in any way?

My apologies for the number of questions, but as any propsective student I am eager to get these crucial questions addressed before I join the institute.

Thanking you in advance, and awaiting your reply.
Anonymous said…
Hello Prof Lim,

First of all thanks you for accepting to answer the queries through the aimblogger channel. If indeed you are to answer a few queries to quell a few of the fears and concerns of prospective students, I would like to ask a few as a candidate who has got an admit offer for the academic year 2008-09.

1) For a long time now, the biggest concern for most indian students has been over the way campus placements are handled in the institute by the placement cell. From what we have heard, and we have heard quite a few things, the placement cell is not a very active part of the institute. Though I am sure the institute must be making all the efforts for increasing efforts in this area, specially for international students(most indian I believe), I would suggest we take a more aggresive stand and put a little bit of more horse power behind it. I am sure attracting companies for recruitment cannot be a problem taking in consideration the reputation of the institute which has only grown in the last 40 years of history.

2) Like everybody else I am yearning for any news on the accreditions, though I am not sure how big the impact is if what is said is true.

3) I hope that with the reduction of course period, which would obvisouly require reduction in the hours assigned for particular courses and may be deletion of some obsolete courses, the quality of education will not be compromised in any manner.

Though I know that the institute must be doing everything power to minimise any impact due to any issue at the moment, I believe everybody is looking for a reassurance from the institute.

Your answers to any of the above would surely strengthen our resolve to pursue this venture with all our hearts.

Anonymous said…

I hope I'm not too late in asking a question as I see some have been already been answered. I've been chosen for the September intake in 2008. I've one query regarding placements at AIM. One similar query has been answered but there are a few more things I would like to ask.

Whenever the question of placements has come in past we all agree that salary figures are not currently comparable to IIMs. But I wanted to know are the profiles offered to AIM students comparable to those of students in IIMs or for that matter some other Indian B schools?

How are one's chances of getting in to profiles like consulting, I-banking, equity research to name a few, after graduating from AIM? If we browse through placement reports some of the top B schools in India (other than IIMs) the average salary packages mentioned are phenomenonal. We also find that previous experience does not seem to be a hindrance in getting in to any sort of profile. People with work experience are predominantly with IT experience (which is the case with AIM too). But they do manage to move in to different profiles (non IT) and that too with very decent packages. This is true even for the students who are freshers with no prior work experience. How easy or difficult is for a student with prior IT experience to get a good profile in say finance domain, with a decent enough pay package?

Can we have the placement report on same lines as given out by B schools in India which specifies figures like average salary, median salary, highest and lowest offer made etc. I think that would help us to get a clearer picture.

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