Do you want to work at Yahoo? Read on.

I received a "tip" from a very reliable source that Yahoo! South East Asia is looking for people for a couple of their openings here in the Philippines. This makes perfect sense as Yahoo! is beefing up its search presence in the country and gearing up for aggressive partnerships in the local scene. I believe Yahoo! is the last of the Top 3 search engines (with Google and Microsoft being the other two) to establish a presence here in the Philippines.

What are the two openings? The first one is for a Search Editor who will be in charge of primarily building taxonomies, classifying online content and analyzing search behavior. The other opening is for a Partner Account Manager, who will be working closely with Yahoo's advertisers and resellers and tasked to implement plans to expand Yahoo's client base.

If any of the two positions appeal to you or if you have any questions on the full job descriptions, shoot an email to job_opportunities (at), with the position as the subject heading.

Gotta love em "tips." :P


rajdeep said…
Hi Regnard,

Its gr8 to hav such a blog. Is there any way the incoming students can help in the corrective steps being taken by the insti? If we can be ghuided we can arrange workshops and stalls here to let the student crowd know about the insti. What I felt is that AIM dosn market its brand that aggressively like the ISB and NUS. This needs t be changed and we all have solid 4 months to be of help. We can draw alumni in india to support us. Also just pass the resumes of current students who r looking for placemsnts, we can use our contacts to get the ball rolling. I have sent a mail to prof Reyes regarding this. Please collate any data and let us know how we cud start somethin from our end.

Hi Rajdeep!

Sure, that's a wonderful idea.

I'll cook up something next week. :D

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