Home Stretch

You know that feeling when you know you're about to finish something? That feeling where you just want things to speed up so that you're done already? Or that feeling something is within your grasp and it's a matter of time before you get it?

That has been the atmosphere in AIM. It's the homestretch for a good portion of the students here-- The Master in Management (MM) and the MBA seniors are graduating in a few weeks and us MBA juniors are nearing the midway of the program. While the the MM and MBA seniors will be taking their permanent break from AIM, for us it's a two week break that would lead to our Action Consultancy or AC (AC is more or less equivalent to our internship).

It's really nice to think that our classes for the first half of the program would be done in a week.


We still have to face the finals from Financial Management 2 (FM2), Operations Management (OM), and Management Control Systems (MCS) before we call this a term. The FM2 exam is killer from the looks of it: it's a 5-hour exam that covers the whole scope of the course (valuation, project finance, derivatives and risk management). I've learned a lot in the last couple of days from the resources I've found on the web, but I'm doubtful if it's going to be good enough for our tough finance profs.

Wish me luck. :D


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