Last Class Day

Officially, the first eight months of the MBA program is tomorrow April 18. But by virtue of my exemption (Thanks to my CAN group!) in the Management Control Systems (MCS) finals tomorrow, today is my last day of classes. Our classes for today were the last session for General Management & Ethics (GME) under Prof. Jess Gallegos and the Operations Management (OM) final exam.

Since it was the last class session for GME, Prof. Gallegos shared his "Tips To Go," life lessons on making a difference, leadership and your definition of success. It was really a feel-good topic since he was sharing more on his experiences, anecdotes about how some events in his life altered his career and his family life.

Speaking of family life, I find that a touchy topic. When Prof. Gallegos said that at some point in our careers we will have to make tough choices when it comes to family and career (I'm not married by the way), I reflected on it. It's probably because I think I have the tendency to focus on my activities at the expense of relationships. My classmate Bok more or less feels the same way.

I do hope I'll make the right choices.


A couple of hours after our GME class, the OM finals exam was given to the students who were not exempted (my congratulations to those who got exempted, by the way). I wasn't so fortunate in OM not to get exempted, but hey, that's OM life.

The exam was a 2-hour test-- pretty short by our standards. The reason why it was timed as such is because the case was quite short and Prof. Nani Roxas pulled a fast one on us. He actually asked a question regarding something the class experienced. I don't want to spoil that stumper of a question because Prof. Roxas might pull it off again on future MBA classes. :P


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