The Night Before the Financial Management 2 Finals

On the night before the dreaded Financial Management 2 (FM2) Finals, I posed a simple question to the MBA class over various instant messengers: "How's your FM2 preparation?"

"drifting through a morass of molass-consistency of quicksand"
- Bingo Tongco

"messed up"
- Dilip Mansukhani

"i have resolved that to exert effort in aim is useless... the degree of effort you exert is not proportional to the grades that you get... it's just not worth it anymore... just kiss your professors' ass"
- Anonymous (1)

"No problem, just another sleepless night and I'll be okay tomorrow as long as I don't fall asleep during the exam."
- Liberto Siahaan

"not prepared at all; there's no indication where to start or what really to study"
- Anonymous (2)

"what's there to prepare?"
- Phuong Lan Yu

"too much to do, dont know vot to refer to. no standard book provided. had too many profs, which made learning all the more complex"
- Anonymous (3)

"Good. I am all set to crack it."
- Ashoo Advani

"I want to believe in in miracles! ;-)"
- Kshitij Shrivastava


The finals exam is over and people are still sharing their thoughts on the exam:
FM2 preparation? it's high investment and you will definitely f*ck up even if you calculated the risks of failing.
- Anonymous (4)

The exam was that easy. {insert sarcasm here}
- Neil Risos

If I had half the desire I had 6 years ago for school, maybe I would have passed the FM exam... YEAH RIGHT!!! finance exams, F-(e)M!!!
- Frank Shrope

I prepared for the FM2 Final Exam with one thing in mind: Study my ass off so I can decrease the risk of failing and increase my market value as an AIM student.
- Maya Perez


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