Term Papers

There should be an X-File case on the "Breaks in AIM" because this "break" season is really a mythical phenomenon.

Classes for our core subjects officially ended last week and usually, that would signal the start of the break right? Wrong. We still have three major papers due this coming week: Management Communication (MC) term paper on Monday, Asian Business Systems (ABS) term paper on Tuesday and Development of the Enterprise (DE) business plan on Friday.

Ideally, we should be using the next two weeks resting and finalizing our Action Consultancy (AC), or MBA internship, arrangements. Since we are grounded far from the ideal, I'm spending a good amount of the week writing term papers. As I write, I'm finalizing my MC paper on strategic storytelling with my dyad partner Sandeep Sharma. The tight schedule forced us to innovate our collaboration process by using Google Docs. So far, we've made the term paper writing and collaboration more efficient and equitable.

I'm ending this post now. I have to write my term paper.


Aileen Apolo said…
Glad you guys are using Google Docs now... pretty soon I'm sure you'll be using Google Sites for projects =)
Tahn said…
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