A Filipino in Bangalore

After the saga of dealing with the Embassy of India for my visa, I am now here in India, particularly in Bangalore, for my Action Consultancy or AC.

The AC is what the Asian Institute of Management calls its internship for the MBA students. The AC is an official school requirement that counts as a subject that an MBA student needs to pass. Its main objective, at least from how I see it, is to validate what the student has learned from the core subjects by letting him/her deal with a live project that has an impact to the enterprise. In my case, I'm doing my AC in a company called Infosys as part of its InStep Internship Program

My first couple of days here have been pretty eventful. I arrived here Sunday and rode a taxi to the Infosys campus. Let's just say the cab ride was a "multi-sensory" introduction to the city-- I briefly experienced the both the good and the bad in the transit from the airport to a place called Electronics City.

I arrived and checked in the company housing provided and it was pretty impressive. Infosys' Employee Care Center (ECC) had a great staff and well-maintained rooms. (The only nitpick I had was the unavailability of an immediate internet connection, but that's just me). I also took some time to walk around the sprawling area. The campus is about the same size as a university campus and has low-rise buildings spread though out. (Here's a nice link to give you an idea). Bottom line, I found the first day wasn't as traumatizing as a past intern did.

My first working day was like most first days at work. There was an orientation or "onboarding" where I had a little talk about the company, the country's culture and work expectations. The coordinator was very helpful and made the process very smooth.

I also started on my project officially by meeting my project mentor and the head of Infosys' Innovation Lab, the business unit where my project is housed. The meetings gave me the impression that the Lab is really a gung -ho place. My project mentor put it best: "If the company is moving already in a fast pace, our unit must move much faster." I guess if you're working in a place called Innovation Labs, that makes a whole lot of sense.

Over-all, it's a great first couple of days. Let's see how a Filipino in Bangalore will fare in the next few days, weeks and months.


A couple of stuff:
  1. How do you know AIM's recent issues are a big deal? The Economist has an item on it.
  2. MBA 2008 Luis Buenavantura, who also is my team mate in the AIM basketball team, has an article published on Inquirer's Youngblood.


Gary Agarwal said…
Welcome to Bangalore!
As someone who has lived 7 years in Manila, I can understand how you must feel stepping into India.

Enjoy your stay!
jean said…
Are you a Filipino and are you also from manila? Im also in bangalore and I cant find any filipinos around.

Hi Jean,

You can email me directly at regnard @ raquedan.com. :)
Anonymous said…
Hi I can understand how a filipino feels in India. I am an indian and stayed in manila for more than 8 months with lots of Philippines friends. I am in bangalore now.
You can mail me at rr6629@gmail.com..
Have a nice time in Bangalore.

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