Indian Flavors

I've found cup noodles in Bangalore!

But to get my cup noodles, I had to travel for at around 45 minutes to a place called the Star Bazaar in the city, brave the rains and deal with the horrendous city traffic. But it was worth it, at least partially.

I say partially because the brand that I was looking for (Nissin Cup Noodles) was not available in Star Bazaar, despite the big number of products it sells. It seems cup instant noodles are not a big thing in India as there were only two brands that I saw in the hypermart and one of them was a newly launched product! Perhaps the market in Bangalore for instant noodles in a cup is not big or just emerging. (This may be an opportunity for distributors :P)

I also was able to eat a McDonald's here in India. For obvious reasons, the McDonald's here do not carry their traditional beef burgers. Instead, they have a wider range of chicken burgers; as a matter of fact, in lieu of the normal Big Mac, stores here have a Chicken Maharaja Mac. The Chicken Maharaja Mac is configured almost the same as the Big Mac, except it has chicken burger patties and a special spicy sauce for that distinct Indian flavor.

I often hear my classmates lament about the Indian food in the Asian Institute of Management; they say it lacks the authenticity of the real thing. I have better understanding why they say so-- the Indian flavor is really unique.


Anonymous said…
Hey Regnard, watch out for all that MSG (monosodiumglutamate). Not good for your blood pressure.
Hey! Thanks for the concern. :)

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