Infosys InStep Week One

It's already been one week since I landed here in Bangalore, India and it has been pretty eventful.

My first days in Infosys have not been without hiccups, but thanks to the very good hand-holding by the Infosys InStep coordinators and mentors, the whole transition process has been smoothened. I've described in a previous post about my initial impression of the company and things have been pretty consistent. Interns here are really taken care of but at the same time, but are given challenging project to work on. That last statement really applies to me because my project involves trying to put new technology platforms like Web 2.0 where it best fits in a given business and marketing framework.

I really have to be exhaustive and know my stuff that's why I'm very happy with the flexibility my project mentor has given me. I've already been in a couple of meetings to brainstorm and solve immediate problems the project. An in those meetings, my inputs are given the same weight as my project mentors and even the head of the unit I'm part of. I think that's pretty good system for generating ideas and getting fresh perspective considering the organization is already very big in a whole lot ways.

My issues have been pretty minor like getting my desktop system up and running and finding a place to eat here during lunch. I've already succeeded in my quest to find cup noodles in Bangalore so it's really now a matter of balancing meals that are healthy, food that I like and Indian food.

I've also had the chance to meet with the other interns here. Right now, it's a lean month as there are only less than a dozen interns here. I've been told that it reaches 80 to 90 during July to August, the time when the North American schools have their summer breaks. But the good thing there is that I got to really talk and interact with them. The group is also a diverse bunch; there are folks from Germany, France, Morocco, India, Vietnam, Thailand and South Korea.

Since we're a small group right now, we were able to have lunch in the immensely popular Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (or MTR) resturant during the weekend. The place is packed and it seems to never run out of customers. We also took a stroll at the Lalbagh Botanical Garden since it's very near MTR. Nattawud, one of the interns, invited me to drop by a few extra sites like the Tipu's Palace and Fort and the Bull Temple.

Here are some pics:

Earlier, we dropped by the ISKCON Temple and it was very good exposure on Indian culture and religious practices. There were a lot of people there and I got to see beautifully decorated and elaborate shrines for Hindu gods and how they are being revered by the Hindu faithful. Our group was exhausted afterwards, but we felt it was a great experience.

If there's one sentence to summarize my Infosys InStep experience it's "So far, so good." Work has been steady and I've had a chance to see some Bangalore sites. Hopefully, this nice little trend will continue. :)


pet said…
how long is your AC in bangalore?

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