Infosys InStep Week Three

It's been three weeks already? Wow, time flies pretty fast.

The workload and progress in my Action Consultancy (AC) has steadily increased as the requirements of what I need to do is becoming clearer by the day. There has been some little missteps in my work because sometimes I want to do a lot of things. It's like that situation when you're doing something and a good idea comes up and leave what you're doing and jump on to working that new idea. And if that new idea doesn't work, you step back and return to the original path you had. That has happened to a few times in the past week and good thing my project mentor has been very supportive.

Speaking of my project mentor, he's not the micro-managing type and I'm quite thankful I was assigned to him. He trusts my judgment and gives me enough room operate. My co-interns here different situations (like one guy who sits next to his mentor). I've always been independent at work and I would say my project mentor fits my work habits like a glove.

Another theme of the week as been farewells as one of our co-interns here left to return to Germany. Our current group of InStep interns has become closer by doing more activities starting last week, so people felt it was right give have a farewell get together for one of us. (It also gave us the perfect excuse to go to a nice place that serves alcoholic drinks. :P) It was also my first time to taste India's top beer, Kingfisher. While I still prefer our very own San Miguel beer, Kingfisher isn't too bad.

The week also saw us planning to take a trip to Mysore, one of the cities near Bangalore. Like my experience in AIM, group planning could be a loooong process and we experienced the same thing here. Since people were not entirely sure of what's to see in Mysore, people had different ideas of how the trip should go (myself included). We tried to be democratic, but some people were persistent. Then as the weekend drew near, the plan took on a more definitive shape and some people became more open to compromises. As I reflect on the how things turned out, consensus is good if everyone had the best amount of information and if there is an asymmetry of information, it's better someone with the knowledge to step up and take the lead and for the rest to step back and follow. Also, the group should learn how to tune out "noise" that could muddle the plan.

So we went ahead to Mysore and Shravanabelagola over the weekend had a great time. I'll write a post on the trip in the future so keep an eye on my blog for the next few days.


One of my classmates in the MBA program recently went home to the Philippines because she had an untoward incident in Bangalore. Fortunately, she did get seriously hurt but her situations magnifies the risks of going to a foreign land where you only know a few people and you are not too familiar with the culture. She could have stayed but the company she was interning with was not able to respond to her in a timely fashion and was quite unsympathetic with her situation. So the Asian Institute of Management decided to bring her back home and made her safety top priority.

A lot of lessons was learned on the situation. But for the company she interned with, they should make sure they have the necessary support systems in place for its interns before it goes ahead and accepts them.


The incident was very unfortunate. But I would refrain from blaming the company for not responding adequately.

They have no opportunately to respond to any allegations against them.

Just a suggestion. :)

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