Infosys InStep Week Two

This post is a bit late unlike the one I had for my first week in the Infosys InStep program, but what the heck, nobody's checking. :P

So what happened in Week Two of in my eight week stay here in Infosys Bangalore? The week could be summarized by two things: meetings at work and intern activities.

Back home, I'm used to one hour meetings with team mates or group mates but I had a few meetings that lasted at least two and a half hours and one that virtually lasted the entire day. The meetings were requirements analysis and brainstorming activities that why it was like meeting marathon that saps your brain dry. From what I experience, teams here are pretty flexible with time are concerned the momentum of the discussions. If the discussion is very good and productive, schedules are thrown out the window to get the results.

I remember those first few months in the MBA program when CAN Group meetings lasted a couple of hours and people were already complaining. Sheesh.

Work-wise, I've started to settle in and move to more significant outputs on a daily basis. Given the pretty tight project plan that I have, I'll do a lot of research in parallel with the developments that I do. Yeah, that's a bit risky and could mean mistakes here and there, that's the role of R & D, right? :P

My second week also saw us interns becoming a more tightly-knit group as people were having lunches and dinners more often. After the little get together of AIM folks last weekend, I joined a few interns in downtown Bangalore for a few stops in the Vidhana Soudha (or State Legislature) building/monument. Then we briefly passed by Commercial Street, the city's commercial district not too different from Manila's Divisoria, then dinner in Church Street, an area known for its pubs and restaurants. The following day, everybody wanted to give their bodies and wallets a rest and just stayed in the dorm.

So that's Week Two. That's already 25% of my stay here and my Action Consultancy (AC) in Infosys has been pretty enriching thus far. However...


My stay here in has been good but unfortunately it's not the same situation for other people. In a nutshell, one person from our batch will be coming back to Manila from India because of an untoward incident. Yeah, things happen, but it's just too bad whenever a somebody from a different land experiences something bad-- it just gets magnified because of the feeling of isolation and separateness.

I'll blog more about it in due time.



Here are some pics I took when we went to Vidhana Soudha:


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