InStep Interns Play Cricket!

Infosys' InStep Coordinators recently held a workshop for us interns to know more about India's "national" sport: Cricket.

I say "national" because, officially, hockey is India's national sport but because of the number of people who play cricket and the amount of coverage it gets in the news (I'd say one-third of newspapers' contents is cricket), the sports has become the nation's de facto national sport.

The InStep coordinators were kind enough to have Infosys' very own cricket team to give us the basics of the game: from batting, to bowling and catching the ball. We used the leather ball used in official games to play with and used the proper bat as well. Good thing Infosys has its own cricket field in the sprawling campus so we were able to run around freely, bat the ball and bowl anywhere (although we obviously looked like beginners).

I've never played cricket in my life prior to playing here and most of the interns are in the same boat, but thanks to the team's tutoring, we had some semblance of a game and every had some coaching on how to bat and bowl. I seem to prefer bowling, which I found to be more artful. (or because I had a hard time hitting the darned ball)

Here are the pics:

Let's see if I could play cricket with the AIM guys back home. :)


Anonymous said…
Hey Regnard, hurry home and organize a cricket match for the May batchers. I don't see them hanging around the Zen Garden, the dorm lobby, or anywhere else. So it seems that whenever I'm prowling between the main building and ACCM, they must be in class or in their dorm rooms weeping. Hehe.

Good to see you enjoying yourself. Take care.

Hmmm, I think once the AC season is done, the cricket players in our batch can arrange a friendly game. :P
Anonymous said…
can i know where u played cricket? i know many other non AIM indians who want to play cricket... thats y...
@ anonymous:

I played in Infosys' cricket field in Bangalore. :)
Anonymous said…
there are two anonymous-es (anonymi?) commenting here, regnard. one is obviously from manila, the other from india. i'm the manila guy. btw, my advise to your classmate who came back early from her internship is to go back some day if she has a chance to and not to be traumatized by the bad experience. as an international manager later on, she'll have to go to places like that and she'll have to survive on her guts and wits. anyway, i hope she hasn't been traumatized.
@ Anonymous (3):

Yeah, I forgot to keep track. :P

She's doing great right now and based on my last conversation with her, she has moved on from the experience. :)
STN said…
Yeah Regnard , organize a cricket match. I am reaching there soon.

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