Playing Games

I'm quite happy my stay here in Bangalore is not all work. Yes, I'm doing my Action Consultancy (AC) in Infosys, but there are other activities I've been doing to keep the work-life balance in a nice non-tipping state.

Bangalore is a city with nice sites to visit and I've shared in my previous post about my first week that us interns went to visit a few of them like the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, the Bull Temple and the ISKCON Temple. But I also have been able to play some games leisurely inside the Infosys campus.

There's a basketball court inside the campus and the moment I saw it, I've been looking forward to shoot some hoops. It took me one week to play there and it's good to know that there are a few guys (and ladies) playing basketball here in India. India is primarily a Cricket-crazy nation and that works in my favor-- with few people playing basketball here, the skill level of casual players is so-so at best. (The same way, Filipinos playing cricket would be like four-year olds playing baseball). So, let's just say I could be a hoops legend here given the competition. :P

Interns here also have poker nights! We just play for fun, but if we played for high stakes, I already have lost my shirt to the guys I play with. I realized I'm not a good poker player, and I've been the first person to leave the poker table after losing all my chips. Sometimes it's just plain bad luck and sometimes it's just plain stubbornness I lose. If you have nice tips to give in playing Texas Hold 'Em, please do chime in. :P

Oh well, you win some and you lose some.


John Wesley Y. Bayot said…
Hey there! Interesting blogs. Pretty neat! Reading your blogs on the life of an AIMer, CAN groups, profs., sort of serves as a trip down memory lane for this MBA2007 grad. Keep up the great work and wishing you all the best.
Hi John (or Wesley) :P

Thanks! I'm sure you had pretty craz stuff in your batch as well. lust let me know if you have photos/videos online so I could post them :D

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