You can find everything on the Infosys Bangalore Campus except...

Cup Noodles!

The headquarters of Infosys in Bangalore is a pretty big place (43 acres or 17 hectares) and pretty self-sufficient. BBC described this campus as:
The most spectacular commercial development is the 43 acre Infosys Campus at Electronic City.

It is a self-contained city for its 20,000 workers, and contains shops, restaurants, a health club, a basketball court and even a golf course.

Golf carts take the many visitors around on tours, while video conference facilities link it to Infosys offices around the world.

But for all its facilities and self-sufficiency, I have yet to find a place inside the Infosys campus where I could get cup noodles. :P Most likely, I will find some in the city, which I haven't ventured into.

If you know of a nice place to buy cup noodles here in Bangalore, I'd appreciate the assist. :D


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