Foreigner Registration in Bangalore Finally Over

Finally, my saga with the Foreigner Registration Office in Bangalore is done. I was able to receive the document I need to get the Exit Pass, something required to leave India when my Action Consultancy (AC) ends at the end of the month. I've been stressing about my Indian visa situation for the last two weeks and I'm very glad it's done. I had a little scare when I thought I wouldn't be able to leave India for another three months-- I imagined how that will affect my school and personal life.

One lesson I think about is how the bureaucracy can really stifle productivity. I realized there's one thing worse than the bureaucracy in your own country-- and that's the red tape and bureaucracy in another country. I say it's worse because of the unfamiliarity and the having the feeling of helplessness because you're in a foreign place. I'm not saying the bureaucracy in the Philippines is perfectly efficient (it's very far from that) but at least you can tip the odds in your favor because of local ties.

Right now, I'm just relishing the fact that my initial experience with Indian bureaucracy is finished. Ironically, I'm now eligible to apply for an Exit Pass since I'll be leaving India in a couple of weeks.


Starrie said…
Hi Reg, I'm happy for you :) Are you excited for school again?
Thanks Starrie! :)

Yeah, I'm looking forward to going back to Manila. :D

I don't know about the rest of our class though. :P

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