Infosys InStep Week Eight

As one of my friends would say it, your final week in school is your "Victory Lap." But that term also describes my final week in the Infosys InStep Internship program.

My eighth and final week was probably the busiest week in my whole stay. Why? Because I had to finish my project, do the knowledge transfer and training to the person inheriting it, taking care of administrative requirements like the exit interview and getting cleared by Infosys and the Final Project Presentation all interns have to do. This is also the only week where I had to work extra hours to meet my deadlines. Sheesh.

And there's the "Regnard Raquedan Farewell Tour"-- a string of farewell activities in and out the Bangalore campus. The farewell activities started with my farewell dinner in a restaurant called Opus. Then there was the dinner hosted by my project mentor and the head of the Innovation Lab at Infosys. And finally on my last day, our little group went around the city for some shopping and lunch. Speaking shopping, I dropped by the food mart in the campus and guess what I found? Nissin Cup Noodles.(If that sounded weird, read my post about cup noodles).

The final farewells happened after dinner in La Terrace, the restaurant in the campus hostel. I realized how people emotional can get in farewells, and mine was no exception. If you're leaving very good friends, Shakespeare's "Parting is such sweet sorrow" line would come to mind. My plane left five hours after that and I was back in Manila fifteen hours later.

I don't know how my friend came up with the term "Victory Lap," but after my final week in Infosys, I do feel like a winner.


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