Infosys InStep Week Four

If my Action Consultancy (AC) in Infosys were a movie, I'm at the part when the hero faces a lot of tough challenges. My fourth week in the InStep Internship program was full of challenges both at work and outside of work.

For the first time, I've faced some serious roadblocks to my project's completion. I'm currently building a prototype of a software application that's related to Infosys' Innovation Management and it is based on a collaborative marketing framework and Web 2.0 components. The work I've done for the past week has led me to a solution that needs customization of Open Source software. So I'm relatively stuck in some parts of my required functionalities and I've consulted several resources within the company and over the web, but to no avail. Darn.

But my biggest concern last week was my visa situation. It really took my mind off of work and stressed me out a lot. Worst case, I may seek the help of the Philippine Embassy in India to sort this matter out if the Infosys folks are not able to fix it. Here's the absolute worst case: I may be held here in India for at least two months more to straighten out the visa issue. Why two months? I'll have to "thank" the Indian bureaucracy for that. I do hope the worst does not happen.

If my AC were a movie, it's starting to look like a tragedy where the hero fails miserably in the end. I hope there's a happy ending somewhere.


UPDATE: I'm posting some pics from one of my friend's farewell dinner.


pet said…
let me go back to my comment a few months ago ... WHY INDIA??? ;-) hang in there.
Anonymous said…
Your compatriot, who came back hurriedly after her Bangalore brouhaha, was telling me how the HR person in her internship company is now trying to make her as the villain in this sad tale. Watch your back, Regnard.
A.B.H.I said…
Hey Reginald!
I am a student @ Melbourne Business School. I was planning to apply for InStep and came across your blog.
I am from Banagalore originally. I do feel sorry for your visa problems! It definetly is Infy's mistake. And not to forget the immigration dept and the Embassy. Hope you sort it out. Piece of advice...get some local..who knows how the govt offices work in go along with you to the FRO... This MIGHT help.
Btw on your internship...sounds like you are into development. what exactly you are doing in your project?
Good luck!

Thanks for your support. It helps a lot, believe me. :)


My project has some development components and research as well. You an look at the past posts on this. :)
pet said…
things happen for a purpose. we are given challenges to hurdle them. i know this is not the kind of "experience" you were looking for but its all part of the learning process. always pray and trust Him.
Anonymous said…
Hi Reginald!

I'll be joining AIM this september. Was curious to know about how did you land up in Infosys. I read your previous posts about your project. Still couldn't quite get what its all about. Did you know about your work before you joined?

What open source software are you trying to customise? Let me know may be I can help you out.
@ Anonymous (2):

Thanks for the comment. :)

I got here by first signing-up online; then an interview, then that's it. I did not know about the project before I landed to Bangalore-- just an overview. I'm using Drupal. :)

See you in campus in September! :D

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