Infosys InStep Week Six

Week Six at the Infosys InStep Internship Program for my Action Consultancy (AC) is a return to normalcy after a bumpy detour the previous weeks.

The most notable event for Week Six was the completion of my registration at Bangalore's Foreigner Registration Office (FRO). If you have not been following this saga for the last two weeks, the issue stemmed from the perceived mismatch the local FRO saw with my visa. I stressed over it for over two weeks, from worrying about not getting home in time to setting the record for most visit to the FRO in InStep's history. I can see only two good things from the whole experience: My issues have given the InStep coordinators the game plan for subsequent registrations similar to my case and for me, it taught me lessons on how to trust in others and seek help from all places.

I was also able work better for my project. A lot of progress was made and I've been preparing the turnover to the Infosys folks who will be taking over the project that I started. It's nice to know that the project that I've been working on will be expanded and improved for future services and/or products. However, I'm still not completely done with it-- I'd say my project is 70% complete.

With a lot of interns that just came on board, a lot of them went to sites like Mysore and Chennai, but us "old fogeys" (interns who came last month), just stayed in the city. We, along with a few June interns, had a quickly-planned dinner last Friday and I was able to take photos. If you'll notice from the slideshow, I've been dabbling around with black and white shots. :)

What's next in Week Seven? This coming week is definitely a big one-- this is the week I'll be spending to finalize my project and it's also the week we'll go to Agra and Delhi to visit the majestic Taj Mahal.


News from the our program at the Asian Institute of Management: The registration for electives for the upcoming term will be this June 17-20, 2008. I'm still over the fence on a couple of electives. More on the electives in the next post.


letter shredder said…
Hi, Reginald!

I met with some Filipinos yesterday and they mentioned about a Pinoy blogger in B'lore.

I am Jaycee and I have been thinking of going to B'lore though plans are not clear yet. Hope to hear more from you about this "Silicon Valley."

sunaina said…

I am a student from India and need to know if the Infosys Instep program for this year is over..

Please mail me the inforamtion at

Looking forward to hear from you.
what is in infosys? if you wont mind me asking?

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