New Guys

New interns arrived the start of the week and they're a very big bunch. Lat month, we were only 12 InStep interns here in Infosys, but the new batch is around 40 people, quarupling the number of people from all over the world in the Bangalore campus.

If I'm not mistaken, almost all of the new interns are from schools from the United States, with a good mix of undergrads and graduate students. There's also a few MBA's, like from Columbia, Darden, Fuqua, Rotman and Bocconi and we have some nice chats about MBA life. I also get to know how they have their classes there and how some business schools, like Darden, apply the Case Method. (AIM uses the Case Method as well).

A couple of days ago, the new groups and the ones who came last month had little get together in one of Bangalore's pubs and we virtually were enough to fill up a good portion of the place. The dinner was good and it was a great time to meet and connect with the new people.


Last month, a new batch of MBA students came to AIM and they were the first batch of students to be taken in May. This group is just one section (less than 40 people) and I have not met the new people who joined in. I'm looking forward to meeting all of them once I get back home. (Quick update: My visa situation is getting resolved gradually, thank goodness!)


hboprof said…
Hey Reg, how about you invite some of those MBAs, esp the Americans, to come to AIM?
Hi Sir!

You mean invite as in a visit? :)
Anonymous said…
invite as in come for exchange. unless they're already treating their internship as an option to an exchange program.

am leaving for usa today. gone for 3 weeks. see you when you get back. meanwhile, take care.

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