Binondo Walking Tour

My group in my New Products and Services Development (NPSD) class organized a walking tour of Bindondo, the oldest Chinatown in the world. This little activity is actually part of the class to do something interesting, and at the same time, get some sparks of inspiration for starting a little venture. Our guide for the tour was Anson of Old Manila Walks.

The walking tour also has a different "flavor" because it's also a food tour-- we get to try out authentic Chinese food and delicacies while going around the historical sites and notable locations. Anson is definitely very knowledgable about the ins and outs of the town and he took us to very places with great food (Just ask our teacher, Prof. Jay Bernardo). Too bad I got lost driving to Binondo, we could have started half an hour sooner for the tour (I just can't get around Manila!).

Our group (Nina Laquindanum, Mark Ong, Arpita Maity and Lan Phuong Vu) would like to thank Connie Banaag, Pia Sanedrin, Johnson Gotamco, Sidharth Visvanathan, Saurabh Kainth & Prof. Jay Bernardo for making the NPSD Binondo Walking tour a success. :)


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