The Financial Management 2 Make-up Exam

Our Financial Management 2 (FM2) professors (Prof. Maya Herrera, Prof. Gary Olivar, and Prof. Grace Ugut) were kind enough to give us MBA folks a chance to improve our FM2 grades from our core subjects term. Only a "select" few were invited to take the exam (obviously, I got an invite) and I guess the exam was motivated to make our Asian Institute of Management transcripts look spiffier. :)

The exam was three and a half hours long and it covered the three major areas of the subject-- Fixed Income Derivatives, Project Finance and Risk Management. We were advised to bring only a four function calculator. You read that correct: four function calculator. Imagine a high level finance exam where we're using only the four main arithmetic functions. It's analogous to going to war against the United States with just slingshots and water guns.

Here are some choice quotes from the people on their thoughts on the exam:

"Bullsh*t"- Anonymous"
"Terrible waste of my time. They are enjoying what they are doing to us too much." - Anonymous
"Perfect... perfectly failed" - Starrie Sun
"I have nothing to say about the exam." -  Anonymous
"The exam is their attempt to justify that the people deserved their original grades.They made damn sure they are THE finance gods." - Anonymous
The only saving grace from this exam is that your grade won't go down if did poorly in this exam.


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