Live Blogging at "Successful Business Strategies of Top Fortune 500 Companies"

Professor James Neelankavil will be having a talk here at the Asian Institute of Management about the Fortune 500 companies in a little while.

For those who are unfamiliar with Prof. Neelankavil, I got this little write-up from Ms. Eloisa Osabel from the Marketing department to give you an idea who the speaker is:

The Asian Institute of Management (AIM) is privileged to have Professor James Neelankavil as one of its distinguished faculty roster. He earned his AIM MBM degree with distinction on 1972. He later pursued his Doctorate Degree in Philosophy, major in International Business, minor in Marketing from Stern School of Business, New York University. Despite his accomplishments and international degrees that he completed, he appeals to be very simple. Yet, he exudes a dignified aura as an international educator.

It was after his graduation in AIM when he was inspired by Dean Gabino Mendoza to start his teaching career. As he stated in the interview, his teaching career was developed by "serendipity, not by design." He joined the AIM faculty on 1973.

He became very interested in the field of International Business, a well-diversified discipline that includes study of economics, finance, management, marketing and operations. Even before "globalization" became a byword, he had the vision to develop internationally competent business leaders.

His teaching career is driven by his zeal to keep on learning new things. One of his sustained passions is to study the trends of the Fortune 500, and distinctly identify the key success factors that can drive the potential entrepreneurs.

He keeps himself updated and well informed with the trends and developments in the international business arena. His teaching philosophy is based on being always attuned to the level of each student. In each class, he makes sure that everyone achieves a valuable learning experience that will inspire them to be leaders in
their companies, and the world at large.

The talk's official title is "Successful Business Strategies of Top Fortune 500 Companies" and it is part of the Fulbright Program Lecture Series.

The talk was very interesting as Prof. Neelankavil showed the results of his latest study on what the top companies are doing right. He cited ten certain attributes or "marks" that companies should strive to have for success, based on the good showing of the top companies. Some of the attributes I remember are Innovation, Leadership, Mergers and Acquisitions, Global Presence, Process Improvement, and Core Competencies. (Sorry, I forgot the other four).
What I got from the talk is similar to the lessons our General Management & Ethics (GME) class taught us-- from a strategy point of view, there are certain things you need to focus on to ensure success.


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