The Management Research Report

The natural order in the life of an 16-month MBA student at the Asian Institute of Management is:
  1. Core subjects - 8 months
  2. Action Consultancy (AC) - 2 months
  3. Electives - 5 months
  4. Management Research Report (MRR) - 6 months (5 months overlap with the Electives, 1 month for MRR defense)
Currently, our MBA batch is in the Electives and MRR period. In previous batches, people had ample time to prepare for the MRR, which includes a separate break to do research, data gathering, analysis and some writing. But considering that the school removed a considerable amount of time to do those things in shortening the previous 24-month MBA program, the MRR has evloved a bit to suit the new prorgam schedules and changing global demands.

The MRR was defined as "a major original work by AIM MBA candidates. Through the MRR, students are expected to apply knowledge and skills to actual managerial problems. The final deliverable is a thesis-like document that must be accepted as a final hurdle in the MBA." That definition would change for our batch and subsequent batches because there are new tracks of MRRs a student can take-- there are now seven tracks for the MRR:
  1. "Classic" or Corporate/Business Strategy - An integrative strategy report for a particular business/industry)
  2. Entry Strategy - A strategy recommendation for a new product/service line for an existing business
  3. Venture "Classic" - The student will venture in starting his/her own business from scratch
  4. Consulting Venture - Very similar to the Venture "Classic," but the student implement a business plan from a different source
  5. Case Series - Case Writing with Industry and Teaching Notes
  6. Comprehensive Exam - The student takes six extra units of electives with a comprehensive exam at the end.
  7. Research for Publication - A more "scientific" or "hard-core" research approach, and could be more theoretical or academic in nature, suitable for publishing in refereed business journals
The last three tracks are the latest addition to the previous four that past MBA students took.

I chose between the Case Series and the Research for Publication options but I've decided to do the case writing option. It integrates pretty well with my AC project and it fits my interest in creative writing. I've also had some little experience in writing a case for my walkabout (Corporate Communications 2.0: Corporate Blogging). I found that experience very challenging and enriching.

While we do have new tracks and options, our batch will not be spared from the stress, pressure and the worrying included in the completion of our MRR's-- proof that some things do stay the same.


John said…
Seems like things are wrapping up for you. Graduation appears to be just somewhere 'round the corner. Wishing you all the best with the case writing / MRR. One piece of advice, albeit unsolicited: don't make your MRR your life's masterpiece or even think of it as the document that will change the course of mankind --- you'd find that thought ridiculous, but trust me, lots of folks unconsciously look at their MRRs that way. Have fun and get the MRR over and done with! Cheers!
Thanks for the advice John. I'm sure a lot of MBA students should heed it. :)
Anonymous said…
do they still allow "venture" mrr? i know someone who did a "venture" - a karenderia of sorts and when he passed the mrr, the karenderia sa kanto closed shop immediately

gee, you need to get an mba to operate a karenderia :-)

Yes, they do still allow Venture MRR's.

Your comment seems to be a veiled attack on that "karinderia" person. What's your beef?
Anonymous said…
it was just a mere statement of facts, no offense meant, that karenderia person is even my friend, i just find it really amusing, and he does too

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