MBA 16 Batch 1 Class Photo

Our class had a little photo session yesterday where we were just asked to come in casual attire. The photos were taken at the Zen Garden of the Asian Institute of Management campus.


LUAK said…
Hi Regnard! Just wanted to say that you've got a nice, informative blog here. I actually know two (maybe three if the third person is who I think he is) people in your batch, but due to having lost touch with one, and the other one being extremely silent on all matters AIM (that person does tend to separate his AIM life from his "outside" life), I actually learned more about what it takes to be an AIM student through your blog than through my friends. ^_^

I'm considering AIM for my MBA school next year (though my friend has been discouraging me on that end, must be because of the intense workload you guys have to go through before graduating), so your blog's been a definite help.

P.S. Why no names on the class pic though? Would be more fun if your readers could identify who's who in your batch.

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