No Exchange?

Our batch, the very first 16-month MBA's from the Asian Institute of Management, is really in a state of limbo when it comes to student exchanges to international business schools.

To wit: the electives season for our batch runs from July to November and people who are eligible for international student exchange must finish the writing and the oral defense of their Management Research Reports (MRR) by September. That puts the MBA student in a situation where here he/she has a very small margin of error because that implies that the student must start working on his or her MRR during the Action Consultancy (AC) period from May to June. Previous batches had more than eight months to finish their MRR's. Four our batch, we only get five, and seven if you include the AC months.

Another rub: it seems most of the international exchanges' schedules clash with our own schedule, thus an aspiring exchange student will make a choice of graduating on time or getting delayed my a few months if he or she proceeds with the exchange. I guess we're feeling the effects of the transition more and more from the changing of the MBA program.

Whenever I inadequately did something the first time, people would often encourage and tell me that "People rarely do it right the first time." As far as the international student exchange program is concerned, our batch is obviously Attempt Number One.


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