Rude Awakening (aka Welcome Back)

Gosh, this is why I love blogging-- I get to say what I want to say.

After two days of being frustrated because I'm not able to express my views in class, blogging is really therapeutic. Also, the return of the usual frustrations probably serves as a slap in the face to wake me up from my dream-like stint in India. (A good two weeks of balanced work and relaxation sounds like a dream at this point.) Besides, I think it's the Asian Institute of Management's way of welcoming me back after the Action Consultancy (AC) period.

The first of two electives terms started last Monday and here are the subjects that I took, with the professors in each subject:
  1. New Product and Service Development (NPSD) - Prof. Jay Bernardo
  2. Creative Marketing and Selling (CMS) - Prof. Joe Faustino
  3. Customer Experience Management (CEM) - Prof. Tommy Lopez
  4. Marketing & Finance Creating Synergy (MFCS) - Prof. Richard Cruz
  5. Self-Mastery, Arts and Spirituality (SMARTS) - Prof. Cecilia Manikan
I'll write more about these subjects in the next three months, but so far CEM and SMARTS are off to good starts, at least discussion-wise. I just realized that I'm still not ready to go back to facing the pressures of doing the much ballyhooed class participation (CP) and doing a lot of reading. I'll give my sef a week before I get back up to speed. (I guess I broke AIM's Number One Rule for Students: "Hit the ground running.")

I also got to see some of the new MBA's from the May intake. I haven't met anyone of them, but as I write this post in the library and listen to my MP3 media player, an apparent freshman just told me to keep the volume down from my gadget plugged tomy ears. Sheesh.

Welcome back to AIM.


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