The AIM Community Poker Championships

I'm organizing the very first AIM Community Poker Championships (ACPC) with Frank Shrope of the Sources & Uses of Power (SUPR) class. Being the Sports Committee Head of the AIM Student Association (AIM SA), I felt that there should be an event where poker players in AIM can get together and play friendly competition. It was just my good fortune that Frank was in Prof. Nani Roxas' SUPR class and playing poker was one of their official class activities.(A class that requires students to play poker? Neat!)

Everything is coming together pretty well-- AIM SA Chairman Kshitij Shrivastava gave the project a go, the Student Services, Administration and Registrar (SSAR) also approved of the event, Frank has been a great person to work with and even Prof. Ricky Lim and Prof. Roxas pledged to support the event. The only bump on the road so far is the non-endorsement of AIM's Human Resouces Services to the employees. (I invited the AIM HR folks to endorse the event and spread the word to AIM employees who want to play). But the confluence of events have been generally positive.

The event is also a good break for my classmates who have been immersed in their MRR's, Self-Master, Arts & Sprituality (SMARTS) final papers, Real Property Management & Development (RPMD) projects, and of course, Investment Banking (IB) and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A).

So I invite students from all programs and batches, employees and faculty to the AIM Community Poker Championships on August 21, 2008 at the Bancom Room, 6pm to 11pm. The buy-in is PhP 300.00 and entrance fee for non-players is PhP 150.00. There will be prizes for the top three finishers.


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