Big Brother?

Ah, the Pre-MBA...

The newest batch of 16-month MBA students started their Pre-MBA Program yesterday and they are having manageable dosages of Languange of Business (LOB), Economics and Quantitative Analysis (QA). If you recall last year, we were bombarded with Prof. Larry Tan's LOB classes all the way. :)

I volunteered to play big brother to the new batch (yeah, we're the Seniors now!) and give them a couple of drills in QA. I chose this subject because, obviously, I was utterly so-so in LOB and Economics. I was quite excited to do the tutorial because there are lots of new people to meet and I know a few of them, either personally or via emails or comments because of my blog. The new group is bigger than our class, I hear they are around 130 strong. (Our batch is only 95) A few classmates of mine gave me moral support at the beginning of the session (Thank you Frank, Diamond, Michelle, Mark Chan, and Johnson!)

I started the session with a simple grouped frequency problem. I didn't realize it was hard to teach the class because I had to give them time to solve the problem and some of them do not know how to go about it. Good thing one brave soul asked how to solve the problem, otherwise it would have been a snoozefest. We solved the problem and I even got corrected twice, because of faulty Excel skills. But thankfully, I was able to adequately answer a few questions.

The second problem discussion was a bit more spirited. I came up with a cricket statistics problem and the discussion revolved around a player's performance based on runs and wickets. I even got a couple of freshies to explain to the class what are runs and wickets in cricket. (Thanks to you two!)

The session lasted an hour and I really enjoyed playing "professor" for that brief period. To be honest, I drew a lot from my own profs in handling the discussion. :P And more importantly, the class of over a hundred freshmen did not bite my head off.

And as promised, here are photos of the tutorial session:


I would also like to invite people from any program (MM or MBA) or batch to send me your blog's URL if you have one. (Be sure to include your full name as well) I'll include it in my official blog roll.


Trivia: our professor in QA during our Pre-MBA was Prof. Anthony Zosa of the University of San Carlos.


One last thing: I said us Seniors would give some "tips" to the new guys during the tutorial session but everybody in our group left, so hopefully, the tip-giving session will happen tomorrow. :)


Thanks for putting up the pics soon enough! Okay, the real reason to post this comment is to shamelessly plug my almost defunct blog :-)

MBA 2009 (Dec)
Yuva said…
Nice meeting u yesterday .was good to hear u have read my blog before.
Rajesh Lachhani said…
Hey buddy great job and thanks for such a speedy post. I think this is the difference that AIM brings about in an individual :-). By the way I would be pleased if you can link my blog space too with yours.
MBA (Batch 3)
rajdeep said…

heres ma blog... well i will soon come up with a write up on AIM
Master Dyo said…
Add me too!

Thanks for the lecture yesterday!
Hello everyone!

I do hope you enjoyed and learned the session.

One request: When you give your URL, please add your full name.

Thanks! :)
Anonymous said…
Hi,good to meet you yesterday

Pl include my blog as well

Anonymous said…
Hi,Plz include mine as well

Yuva said…
Yuva Bharathi D -
To Kathak and Dyo,

Please leave your full names. Thanks!
Hey Regnard,

Apologies for the delayed reply.
The full name's 'Sonal Premi'.


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