Easy Street

I was reading through my old posts and I realized how much different my situation is now, compared to eight months ago.

For the last two weeks, I've only been having one to two classes a day, plus the customary Friday break for the Management Research Report (MRR). How did that happen? Well, my classes in Self-Mastery, Arts& Spirituality (SMARTS), Creative Marketing & Selling (CMS) and Customer Experience Management (CEM) are all done.

Remember how screwed up I was? Sheesh, that seemeed like a long time ago. Seniors really have it easier. :)

I guess if anybody is looking for more "excitement," look at the blogs of the freshmen. :P


Precy said…
hi regnard,

is Prof Tommy L your teacher for CEM? i truly miss his hilarity!
Hi Precy!

Yep, he's our prof. Prof. Lopez is cool. :D

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