So much for a smooth-sailing Management Research Report (MRR).

I hit a snag when I got a very ironclad Non-Disclosure Agreement from my initial proponent-- there was a confidentiality period of five years. One of my advisers, Prof. Jun Borromeo, said that such terms is not feasible for a case series MRR because the case that I will write will no longer be that relevant in that time. Ideally, cases should be released as soon as possible, especially when the management issue in focus is very timely. (In my case, I'll be writing about online marketing).

So what did I do? I immediately ran my Plan B-- which ironically was my initial idea for my MRR. I got to the phone and called up a few contacts and voila! My new MRR topic was in motion. I had to improvise here and there so that things would fall snugly into place. However, there are still some issues to be resolved like the consent of the companies I'm writing about, but I do hope I don't need to pull out my Plan C.


I don't think have mentioned in this blog that starting the electives term, our MBA class does not have any classes during Fridays. This was made so in order to give the students time to write and finish the MRR's. Well, thank goodness for this day because I'm doing a lot of MRR firefighting this day.


Quick note: I heard people are getting discombobulated with Investment Banking under Prof. Errol Perez.


One final thing to reflect on: I've always liked this post by Pia on dishonesty. You should read it.


Anonymous said…
Whats's up with the discussion about investment banking? I find this industry very interesting and I hope to one day be able to break into the field.

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