MBA 2008 (December) Anniversary Party

Our batch, the Asian Institute of Management's first 16-month MBA students, had our only anniversary party last August 7, 2008 at the poolside. Thanks to Pia Sanedrin for organizing the nice get together. :)

There was no formal program that evening, just some nice comfort food for both vegetarians and non-vegeterians, ample booze and... karaoke! Some of the evening's singing stars were Faye Abis, Shu Wang, Gino Romero, Gaurav Nagpal, Diamond Uy, Bok Lamayan, Paolo Tomas, Arpita Maity and the batch entertainer extraordinaire, Neil Risos. It's also nice that some members of the faculty accepted our invite: Prof. Ricky Lim, Prof. Jun Borromeo, Prof. Jess Gallegos, and Prof. Titos Ortigas were all there.

The simple party was an understated tribute to what the batch has been though in our first 12 months.


Bonus! Here's Nikhil Karira's video for our batch that premiered early this year:


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