MBA: Year One (Part 2)

I remember during the first week in the MBA program, one of my classmates told me one of the "truths" about the Asian Institute of Management-- it's a place where personal relationships suffer. Whether it's with your family, your significant other or friends, AIM had a reputation of putting people through an emotional wringer. I should know. :)

If you have any plans of going to AIM, set the expectations of your family, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend because you need all the support you could get from them. This one of the best unsolicited advice you'll ever get before start.


Speaking of advice, one advice people often give to shell-shocked MBA students is "Hit the ground running."

It makes sense when the first time you hear it, but you'll eventually realize it's a whole bunch of crap.There I was clawing my way through Language of Business (LOB), Economics, Management of Cost and Profit (MCP) and barely surviving. And then you hear people tell you "Hit the f*****g ground running" sounds almost like an insult to your humanity.

Here's my better advice: "Hit the ground ALIVE."


Like the Yin and Yang, MBA life has its downs and ups. Yeah, you're relationships will be subjected to a vise-like experience, but AIM has also been known to be a conducive place for romance. Proof that misery indeed loves company.

To date, there are at least seven official and unofficial pairs that got together in our batch. This blog is peppered with clues as to who those pairs are. Hunt for them now! :)


During February, there was a wave of Johari Window invites from everyone in our batch for our Human Behavior in Organization (HBO). I still am a bit amazed at my window's results. :)


Who can forget The Young MBA Graduate?
Young MBA Graduate - AIM


Based on an informal poll, the hardest exam was Prof. Federico Macaranas' Economics Midterms Exam. The close second is Prof. Richard Cruz' Financial Management 1 (FM1) Final Exam.


Our Walkabout season was a mixed bag of projects that bombarded the campus with promotion for Romance in D, guys surviving in the Subic Bay jungle, a couple of girls taking on a Vietnam adventure, a group organizing a sassy speed dating event, a couple of Indian dudes saving the tiffin service in campus, a guy being a bouncer in one of the city's classiest clubs, a couple of guys who went on a cross-country drive (and got sick in the process), Punjabi dancers and of course, seminars about corporate blogging.


diamond_joy said…
regbot, your MBA life is still lacking. and by the way 7 couples? bakit mas konti bilang ko?
Hey Diamond!

What do you mean by "lacking?" :P
Maya said…
hey! That's my pic with Gino haha!
jadz said…
this looks like an acting class rather than an MBA class!

nice blog. I added you in my link!

Hello Andrew!

Thanks for dropping by! :)

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