More Bloggers from AIM

It seems the blogging tradition in AIM continue with the new MBA guys. (Yey!)

There are a couple of blogs from the Freshies that focused on their respective experiences with the Pre-MBA so far and they are interesting reads. The first one is "Doodles in Words":

Here's a choice quip from the blog:
As we get closer to the real stuff, our anxieties are "geometrically" increasing. After barely surviving almost two weeks in the program, I am beginning to feel my body failing on me. And they say it's going to get harder. Sigh. I think I need to vomit.
The next blog is "The Missing Piece": 

And here's an excerpt from Yuva's blog:
The number of credits and debits just drives me crazy . Accounting or “Language of Business” as it is called, is something that us driven some of us in the class to really think again on whether MBA is the right thing for us . I am not very good at it and will never will be but like all things new it is getting pretty interesting by the day . With all this accounting and economics I am slowly beginning to understand what MBA is going to be all about .
It looks like Financial Accounting is rearing its ugly head again. :P

Please do check them out, I'll post some more blogs in the future. :)


Yuva said…
hey regnard ,

thanks for the mention. Its Accounting...u know better :))))
Master Dyo said…
Hahahaha! Didn't know you cited my blog. Thanks! Hell, there was no other way to describe the feeling.
No Problem guys. Keep those nice posts coming. :)

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