Poker Night in AIM!

August 21, 2008 will come down in AIM history as the day the very first AIM Community Poker Championship (ACPC) event was held. The tournament was held at the Bancom Room at the Asian Institute of Management.

The Texas Hold 'Em games started off with 37 players on five tables. The winners of each table then advanced in the finals game where the top three finishers would end up with the prizes. Games started at around 7pm and the players and spectators were treated to nice finger food and pizza, plus soda and beer, with the beer courtesy of Prof. Ricky Lim. Very few alumni came (only Carica president Ramon Tan and my former roommate El Lampa attended), but there were lots of non-SUPR students who came, including folks from the new batch. (That's how you start 'em right :P)

The energy at the Bancom room was very high and electric during the games as it had everything about competition-- jubilation from calling bluffs, frustration from not getting the card you're waiting for and, of course, "the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat" business were there.

The final table game ended up with this set of rankings:
  • 5th Place: Rosie Avila
  • 4th Place: Michelle Yap
  • 3rd Place: Shweta Srivastava
  • 2nd: Anton Ng
  • Winner: Howie Schmidt
Howi Schmidt took home the big pot after a protracted one on one with Anton Ng. 

The event was pretty much a success, thanks to the participation of the Sources and Uses of Power (SUPR) class under Prof. Nani Roxas. (Prof. Roxas even donated the trophy for the event!), the students, the alumni, faculty (Prof. Jun Borromeo was there!), the AIM Student Association, the MBA program and the Student Services, Administration and Registrar.

Even more thanks to the following brave souls who were the driving force of the event:
  • Co-Organizer: Frank Shrope
  • Volunteer Helpers: Pia Sanedrin,  Diamond Uy, Connie Banaag, and Rex See
  • Dealers: Johnson Gotamco, Bingo Tongco, Lester Guevarra, Luther Bersales & Emil Sy
The success of the first AIM Community Poker Championships will defintely spin-off more events to come.


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