Case Writing Workshop, Day 1

One of my advisers for my Management Research Report (MRR), Prof. Jun Borromeo, required... er... invited me to join a special workshop for case writing pool of the Asian Institute of Management.

As you may know, I'm taking the path least taken (or is it path of least resistance?) by writing cases for my MRR, as opposed to writing a strategic management paper for my thesis. All things considered, I think the Case Series writing option suits my strengths and gives me enough flexibility. Besides, I really think I can come up with cases that can maximize the Case Method used in AIM.

The workshop kicked off with a case discussion with another mentor of mine, Prof. Ricky Lim. We discussed how the Case Method works from a pedagogical perspective and it was revelation. You know those moments in a movie where there's a big reveal, like say in Vertigo or The Sixth Sense where everything unraveled when the truth was uncovered? I had that feeling because after learning how the Case Method works for learners and teachers, I feel a lot we went through in the first eight months made so much sense. :)

We then had a session with Prof. Gaby Mendoza, who is regarded as on of the best Case Method teachers the institute has had. The question "What makes a Great Case?" was submitted to us and the session was handled in a a very Socratic way-- lots of "why" and "how" questions, but it ultimately produced a very rich session. Prof. Gaby Mendoza rocks! :D

The day ended with a session that dealt with the specifics of writing cases and more on the process of making a case outline. It was OK, but I really liked the previous sessions.

As the day ended, I was glad I made it to the workshop despite my initial apprehensions.


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