Case Writing Workshop, Day 2

Note: This post is a follow-up to the Case Writing Workshop that started yesterday.

Today's sessions at the Case Writing Workshop earlier were shorter and only consisted of two spots with Professors Gaby Mendoza and Mario "Mayo" Lopez but they were very filled with substance.

The morning session was a presentation and critique of our case plans and outlines and I presented my outline for one of the cases in my Management Research Report and thankfully it wasn't slammed by Prof. Mendoza. The afternoon session with Prof. Lopez was a more practical sharing/story-telling time as he shared his war stories of writing cases under James Culliton and other pioneers of the Asian Institute of Management.

The workshop over-all had a tremendous impact on me in terms of my appreciation of the Case Method and the whole deal about writing cases. I also had a small epiphany on one of the reasons why I decided to do a case writing project for my MRR-- I realized that I wanted to come up with cases that were my version of a "great case." We tackled, dissected, and discussed hundreds of cases in the MBA program and there are I think good cases and great cases that I enjoyed reading and analyzing. I figured that my contribution to AIM's body of knowledge is a case written about issues I think are relevant seen from a perspective worth looking into.


John Wes Bayot said…
I don't know what your case / industry will be about, but I was just thinking, writing about a Philippine Taipan would be awesome. Take your pick --- Gokongwei, Henry Sy, etc. Not only would it be "Asian" enough for AIM, it'd also be Filipino as well. Not to mention it offers a perfect excuse to interview and come face-to-face with a living success story, right? I dont know. Just bouncing off ideas. :)
Hi John,

Yeah, that would be a great idea. :)But of course,I have to get them to sit down for an interview, which I think difficult. :P
Mark Villaluna said…
Good day sir!

I'm Mark Villaluna, a sophomore student in the University of Asia and the Pacific. I have been reading your blog posts about case writing and the case method since last week and these really helped me in my study.

I'm currently writing a descriptive research paper about the case method and I am really hoping if you can help me by answering a very short questionnaire about it which I can send to you upon receiving a reply to this comment.

Sir, I would really appreciate your help. You can reply to this post at Thank you very much for the time sir.

Mark Villaluna
princekay123 said…
Hi Regnard,

First, I must commend your efforts and initiative in enlightening people about your MBA experience.

I am presently leading a research team that is conducting an A-rated research on "Managing Diversity in Nigeria". So I have as part of my plans to attend a Case Writing Workshop.

I would like to know about your experience at the workshop and necessary information about registering for the workshop.

I will greatly appreciate a prompt response.

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