The Convocation, Part 2

This post may have set my personal record for the longest interval for a sequel posting.

More than a year ago, I wrote about our Convocation event which happened on our second day of classes for the MBA program at the Asian Institute of Management. Now, I'm writing about another convocation event, but this time, it's the one for new class that came this month.

The event was like a coming into a full cirlce for me-- I was invited to give a little talk, along with my CAN Groupmate Madhu Ponnuveetil, to share our experiences in AIM to the new folks. Madhu and I basically did what Georgina Chingkoe and Shreyas Ramanathan did for us last year:

The talk was a chance for me to scare the heck out of the new MBA class (as if my blog posts weren't enough, hehehe), but I figured it would be more fun to share some nice nuggets of insights since they more or less knew what to expect.

So, I came up with five things the class would go through and here's a list of the items I brought up:
  1. You will discover a whole new world - I cited the cultural diversity I was exposed to during my classes and of course, my Action Consultancy stint in Infosys.
  2. You will be frustrated - I shared my difficulty in transitioning from a tech dude into a bean counter.
  3. Your honest and integrity will be tested - There's a thing called dysfunctional behavior in AIM
  4. Your personal relationships will take a hit - My musings on personal support systems. I pointed this out a month ago.
  5. You will find love - Whoa! Love in AIM?!? There are many kinds of love.
Based on the feedback I got during and after the talk, it seems I did a nice job. I do hope I was able to share a thing or two of significance to the newbies and they would do the same thing to their juniors in 2009.


Wow Regnard. Reading your MBA life at AIM reflects how dynamic the learning process is. What are your plans for this blog after your AIM studies? (just curious)
Hi Janette!

I'm note 100% sure yet, but I don't see myself stopping this blog completely. Perhaps as an alumnus blogger? :P

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