A Few Days Off

It's post-term (or pre-term?) break and I have a week off to either a) rest and take a break or b) do MRR stuff. I decided to take the early portion of the week to have a well-deserved break from the last couple of weeks.

Ironically, I have not been busy with my MRR in the lsat couple of weeks because I was devoting my attention inpreparing for the two talks I had last week-- the Philippine Youth Conference in Information Technology and WordCamp Philippines 2008. Now that those two are done, I figured I could relax for the next few days. Here's a pic of something I did over the weekend:

Yeah, I went back to my musical roots and I enjoyed every minute of it. :)

I guess everyone in our class is taking a break in one form or another-- there's someone who went out of the country, there's someone who went to the beach, I'm sure some folks are just enjoying lounging back home and watching TV (yeah, TV is a privilege you'll give up in while you're studying at the Asian Institute of Management). I also have been busy coordinating the production and promotion of the AIM MBA December 2008 shirts.

Hmm... I'd like to revisit this post when I'm deep into my writing MRR. I do hope I won't be cursing the high heavens and telling myself, "What was I thinking?!?" at that time. :P



As you can see from the comment on this post, my MRR mentor chimes in to remind me about my MRR as if on cue. Well, more like the conscience in those old Safeguard television ads. :P


Prof Junbo said…
it's a choice between rewarding yourself for what you've done (second term and all the stuff you've been reporting about) or resting before the big push (MRR). Maybe you should have gone for the big push and then reward yourself big time after the MRR.

I suspect (because I'm guilty of the same thing) you're simply procrastinating (delaying the big MRR push), hehe.
Yikes! My mentor has spoken! *scampering like a little bug*

I'm now in school doing my MRR. :P

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