ISEP Party 2008: Rockin' the House!

The International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) at the Asian Institute of Management threw a welcome party to the exchange students from international schools last Friday and what a party it was!

In what could be regarded as one of the best parties our MBA class was ever went to, people had loads of fun, made lots of new friends and even had a taste (literally!) of the culture of other countries. There was a brief program that kicked off the party, with introductions from the exchange students from France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Austria and Mexico. I joined lively emcees Neil Risos and Pia Sanedrin and acted as the party's Game Master with Diamond Uy.

After every two or three countries have finished presenting or introducing themselves, party games were played, and boy, were the games rockin'!

After the program, we had everyone's favorite party activity-- karaoke! My classmate in the MBA program Mei Ling of Indonesia stole the limelight as she busted out her singing talents to the crowd's delight.

I'll let the pictures in the post tell you how much fun the people had in the party. :)


Post Script:

Go figure: the party coincided with the new MBA folks' first overnight WAC.


Go figure: the party coincided with the new MBA folks' first overnight WAC.

Ah. Conspiracy?
Rosie Avila said…
Wow ang saya naman! I miss AIM! Have a great term with the ISEP! See you guys in December!

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