Recruiter's Night 2008

The annual Recruiter's Night was held last evening at the AIM Conference Center and it was one of those rare moments when everybody in the class dressed up (including myself!) and looked smart and spiffy. So you could imagine how annoyed I am that I failed to bring my camera to take some nice shots of the folks in our class. (Doh!)

The reason I forgot to bring my camera is that I brought it to the talk at the Y4IT 2008 Conference I had yesterday and I unwittingly left it in my car, which was parked far from campus so I guess I'll rely on the snaps taken by other people. :P

As for the event itself, it went pretty smoothly. Everyone was there promptly and the brief program started around 6:30pm. After a few talks from Asian Institute of Management President Francis Estrada, Enrollment Management and Placement (EMP) director Prof. Eli Santos, and a couple of student representatives, the evening of schmoozing with company managers and bigwigs started. I wasn't able to talk to a lot of people because I was feeling tired from doing the talk earlier in the day.

I was also able to invite a few bloggers from the new batch to cover the event. Freshies Johan Diaz, Yuva Bharati, Rajdeep Chakravarty, Shubhobrato Ghosh and Rajesh Lachlani were gracious to accept the invite and observe. Expect some write-ups in their respective blogs soon! :)

The whole week, which incidentally is the last week of the term, has really been about career placement. Numerous companies, foreign and local, have conducted interviews, group discussions, short-listings and presentations with the hope of landing talent. AIM graduates have generally been successful in landing shiny new jobs after getting the MBA diploma so I'm optimistic we'll all still enjoy the clout that the AIM brand has in the corporate world.



Here are some of the pics of my talk yesterday:


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